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Friday, 30 December 2011

Raven Muscle Sequence

Sequence for jsiejkd, featuring Raven.


  1. and that one single infuriatingly-unbreakable panty-string from the first Raven TF comic reappears. CURSE YOU, TINY STRING!

  2. Man! She is hot yo!!!

    Awesome work!!!

  3. passing on an idea from the Anons at 4chan...

    "There needs to be a follow-up pic of Raven using the now-ruined Tower as a throne like Trigon did, surrounded by a harem of Titans girls in varying stages of hugeness. And I MEAN a harem. Not just Jinx and Argent."

    I can picture this easy. Nude muscle-giantess Raven seated on the Tower, legs slightly parted, Starfire and Blackfire are kneeling and caressing her calves and feet, looking up at Raven. Raven herself double-guns flexing with Argent and Bumblebee caressing her biceps in the same manner to the Tamaran twins. Jinx is behind her (floating somehow?), reaching around and cupping Raven's breasts, maybe kissing her shoulder or nibbling an ear. All of her "slaves" are similarly bulked-up to Raven but slightly less so, and gazing at her with looks of total devotion, while Raven herself has an expression of absolute satisfaction and maybe a bit of smug arrogance.

  4. Josh, that's a freakin' awesome image you have planted in my head. We should go halves to pay for the commission to get Cerb to do that picture.

    To you, Cerb, I absolutely love this sequence. I love anything you do with muscular Raven, come to think of it. I especially like what I think are the double-peaked biceps. That's just awesome.

  5. she's missing an absurdly large pregnancy.

  6. @ameel:
    Thanks for the support, but I'm flat-assed broke right now so far as commission money goes, as all my spare change is wrapped up in slowly saving up for a new computer. 'Fraid you'll have to fund that one on your own.

    @Kai v4.0
    ...no, no she's not.

  7. @ameel, @Josh

    I might be able to fund that....

  8. I think I would like it more if she stopped at the legs of 3 and the arms of 4 or five with the tits of 7 or 8.

    I have my limits on bulk sadly.

  9. @riv3th3d
    Bro, I think I love you for that.

  10. @Josh:

    No problem, I'll run the idea past CL then after the next project set.

  11. Yummy! <3
    Gotta say, I always loved either your ideas, guys. Or just the way Cerb' draws Raven's face so cute^^