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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Isane LBD Part 2

Part 2 of mine and Riv3th3d's three part Isane Little Black Dress series.


  1. Wow..
    She looks absolutely in love with those boobs :)

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  3. *crap, wrong button. As I was saying :*

    SWEET ! :)

  4. WOW, this sure this is a greatest/awesome bleach fanart in your style ever. XD

    about the picture, good work on colors/textures(sure the textures of her skin make isane legs and breast has a amazing and soft appearence), light effects (sure give a extra sexy detail to both black outfit and body)and other small outfit/body details( small details like the seams of her dress, her shoes and panties look well made indeed. also body details like her facial details, hair and eyes, and nipples make this picture really interesting in visual terms).

    about isane, she sure has a extreme well curvy body indeed, and dress to become even more atracttive ;p. but I think that choosen the wrong outfit(for our luck), it´s see to smal/tight to her body. XD
    in my opnion, besides the great quality of her body model, this cool/shorth outfit is in fact what make her nice in this picture(without that, this will be just another nude picture).

    isane has a nice pose and good facial expression(she looks very satisfied with the body that you gave to her ;D ). the body are really amazing , showing awesome curves on her long legs and nice hips(besides her nice breast, I think that she has great ass indeed) and a really heavy/massive boobs(with a nice texture and sexy look; great job in this area my friend, the size and the visual of her breast almost make me dont stop to look at her body o_0).

    I think Riv3th3d need to stop to ask for isane fanart, because every fanart her boobs are growing more and more. after some time maybe he will lost his favorti bleach caracter or will have a outstanding caracter in his hands. XD

    this Little Black Dress looks a nice theme indeed. see some other caracters in this interesting theme and your nice theme sure will be fantastic!!

    great work my friend, this Riv3th3d has some outstanding/crazy ideas for fanart, and you has the ability to make it real!!! I am already wainting for hte next amazing picture.

    p.s: I dont really rembenber, where I can find the fisrt picture of this series?


  5. You're the one that made me love Isane this much!