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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Starfire/Raven strip II

A second strip featuring the misadventures of Starfire and Raven. Apologies for the shite layout, Blogspot isn't exactly user-friendly when it comes to organising pictures...

Dialogue by Warriorking4ever.


  1. looks excellent! Good job!

  2. Man, I really liked this comic. I also like that all the fat went to Starfire's belly instead of anywhere else. :D Makes it looks like she's really extremely pregnant. Awesome.

  3. Amazing followup to a great sequence. I love Starfire's cocky expressions and snide comments before getting comeuppance. Everything works so well; the faces, the bodies, the dialogue, the transformation process.

  4. Me and my buddy have a coin termed for the size of Starfire's belly in page 11; we call it overpregnancy (even if she isn't knocked up it sure looks like it).

  5. did I say coin termed? I meant term coined XD

  6. where is the part 1 is my favourite :(